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Mother of Pearl Shell


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of MOP Shell.

Botanical name: Mother of Pearl

Alfarid Corporation is the top ranked supplier of handpicked and selected natural Mother of Pearl Shells originating from Socotra Island in Yemen. MOP large sea shells, small shell pieces, crushed seashells are available in significant quantities at wholesale price. Mother of pearl price can be quickly obtained by sending your query to

Botanical name is Pteria Margaritifera Concha while other common names are Mother of pearl, Nacre, perlemor, nacar, perelmoer, madreperla, perlmutt, sadaf, umm alelulu, umm alelu, madreperola, parlemor, Zhen Zhu Mu, iridescent shell, Opal of the Sea.
Carved white and silver mother of pearl shells are the known varieties to make shell beads and jewellery such as necklace, ring, purse, clutch, pendant, cufflinks and earrings. MOP Shell Powder is used as a natural anti age agent in cosmetics specially mother of pearl cream. MOP shells uses are not limited to jewelry rather since old times mop shells have been used in furniture inlay works, making knives, comb and handles. Mother of pearl or mop sea shells are also used in making high quality mother of pearl mosaic titles and frames. Other mother of pearl supplies include luxury items such as playing card cases, fans, scent bottles, spectacle cases and many more items are created from mother of pearl shell. MOP Shell has medicinal uses to reduce and prevent palpitation, high blood pressure, dizziness and numerous heart problems. Moreover, different cultures and religions believe that MOP shells have magical powers to remove negative energy in the environment and being prosperity to life


You can buy MOP Shell from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to 

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