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Licorice Roots


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Liquorice Roots.

Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Alfarid Corporation is the prominent exporter & supplier of Dried Licorice Slice. Premium yellow Liquorice slices are available in significant quantity. This dried licorice slice is our specialty most demanded in Far East nations for its good yield of glycyrrhizin content. Glycyrrhiza Glabra is also called mulethi, Jethimath, lagrits, licorais, liquirizia, regaliz, regalisse.

Licorice roots are selected, sorted and cleaned and then cut by slicing machinery to produce licorice slice cut. Liquorice slices are primarily used in the pharma and extract industries.

You can buy Licorice Roots from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to info@alfarid.org 

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