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Licorice Square Cut


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Liquorice Square Cut.

Botanical name: Glycyrrhiza Glabra

Licorice square cut is a specialized format of dried liquorice roots. Square or cube cut is a premium quality preferred by extract industries for its yield and good content of grabridine and high concentration of glycyrrhizin acid.

Licorice square cut is demanded by herb labs for testing, extract uses, tea industry and various other botanicals uses. Specially square cut has its uses in making liquorice tea. Liquorice roots are selected and sorted and then cut by special customized machinery to produce liquorice square cut. Uniformity of quality is maintained.

Mulethi, Jethimath, lakkris, licorais, regalisse, regaliz are the local terms for licorice root.


Price for Licorice Square Cut
You can buy Liquorice Square Cut from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to info@alfarid.org 

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