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Juniper Berry


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Juniper Berry.

Botanical name: Juniperus Communis

Alfarid is one of the leading supplier and exporter of Juniper Berries with good oil contents. It is commonly known as Hawber or Hauber. You can buy juniper berries in significant quantities from Alfarid Corporation. Botanical Name of juniper berry is Juniperus communis. Juniper berry is the natural herb or spice, dark red burgundy in color with good oil contents used as herbs extract. Juniper berries have a piney, refreshing aroma reminiscent of gin. In fact, the name is derived from the French word for juniper berry- genièvre, which is the name for gin in France.

Significance & Uses: 
Juniper Berry spice is used as an ingredient and for flavoring meat, sauces and stuffing. Major uses include juniper properties for its use in medicinal preparations to treat indigestion, infection, remove extra water retention. Juniper Berries are also beneficial in reducing congestion, treating asthma, cold, menstrual problems and diabetes. Other juniper berry benefits include its use in making juniper berry essential oil and juniper berries gin.

You can buy Juniper Berry from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to info@alfarid.org 

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