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Loban Gold Frankincense



Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Olibanum Loban.

Botanical name: Loban Gold Frankincense

Frankincense is an aromatic gum or incense resin called Gum Olibanum, while scientific name is boswellia carterii. Other common names are kadidlo, loban, oliban, mur and gold frankincense. Gum olibanum is collected in the form of resin that exudes from the trees in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia in the form of unstructured jelly like resin. High quality olibanum is light yellow or white in color to golden yellow while light brown for different grades of frankincense. Low grade olibanum is black in color.

Frankincense is primarily used as burning incense, making perfumes, incense sticks and as a thickening agent in textiles. The smoke that emits from loban is good for breathing which is why olibanum is also preferred in film making industry for artificial smoke effects. Frankincense is also considered as supplies because of its powers to remove negative energy from the surroundings. Olibanum shares a few of its specs with mir or myrrh also named together as gold frankincense and murr. Boswellia extract has its several applications in pharma and cosmetic industry. To buy incense boswellia carteri, you can write to info@alfarid.org



You can buy Gum Olibanum from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to info@alfarid.org 

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