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Fenugreek Cracked Seeds


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Fenugreek Methi.

Alfarid Corporation is the prominent supplier of Fenugreek seeds, fenugreek cracked and methi powder. Methi is fenugreek in Hindi and Urdu terms. Methi is rich in dietary fiber, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, cleanse body system, increases mil lactation and acts as a laxative. Fenugreek is considered as a dried herb in the list of spices. Cracked fenugreek has a very high yield as extract.

Scientific Name: Trigonella Foenum Graecum.

Fenugreek Benefits

Fenugreek is considered as a dried herb and food spices, used as whole spices and seasoning in curries breads and cuisines. Fenugreek extract has its uses as laxative, carminative, food additive and flavoring agent. Methi is used as an ingredient in preparing medicinal compounds and pharmaceuticals to lower blood cholesterol, blood sugar and increase milk lactation.

Fenugreek seeds are milled to prepare fenugreek powder as a fine mesh grade that is again used in preparing extracts or powders for medicinal and culinary purposes. Methi seeds are effective in treating bad breath and help restore a dulled sense of taste.