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Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Costus.

Botanical name: Saussurea Lappa

Alfarid Corporations is the established name in supplying premium grade clean one by one hand selected costus root,. Costus root is wild grown and treated as a natural herb plant material. Botanical name of costus is Saussurea Lappa.

Costus root has a pungent taste and a characteristic fragrant aromatic odor. Costus is used as extract in making costus oil and several medicinal preparations to treat abdominal pain, chest pain, bladder pain constipation and also enhances libido. Costus is also used in perfumery industry.

You can buy Costus Root from Alfarid Corporation, a trusted name in natural products supplies by sending your query to info@alfarid.org 

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