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Cummin Seeds


Alfarid is one of leading supplier and exporters of Cumin Seeds.

Botanical name: Cuminum cyminum

Alfarid Corporation specializes in supplying black cumin and white cummin seeds. Jeera and Zeera are popular asian spices in the spice market known for its odor, aroma and taste as seasoning. Spice powder such as cumin seed powder or jeera powder is used primarily in curries and asian cuisines. The popular herb seeds in the spice world are black cumin seed and white cumin seeds used as spices and condiments.

You may view cumin seeds picture under product section and can buy cumin seeds by filling in Request for Quote. Cumin seeds is used in pharmaceuticals as a stimulant, astringent and carminative ingredient. Cumin seed tops asian spices for its aroma and taste while cumin seed oil is also used in perfumery and for flavoring liquor.

Other uses of Cummins include its benefits in the treatment of piles, relieving insomnia, useful in renal colic and common cold and fevers. Its use increases the secretion of breast milk and is also valuable in amnesia or dullness of memory.

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